Youth Ambassadors (14) Make A Birthday Gift to Mary

Once again our Youth Ambassadors have made us very proud. Twins Izzie and Sophia Kilburn, our ‘oldest’ of our

Izzy & Sophia Kilburn

young Ambassadors, at just 14 years old, have reprised their feat of last year when, instead of receiving birthday presents,  they arranged for friends and family to donate to the Mary Clarke Statue Appeal.

This year they have done the same, raising a wonderful £130 for our funds. We are so grateful, especially as the girls must have been under huge pressure of work, having moved up this year to Brighton College’s senior school. Once again the girls have had the active support of parents and friends and we are so thankful to them.

Sophia and Izzie are seasoned campaigners, having previously raised the money to fund a blue plaque in Brighton

Izzy Kilburn, Mayor Lizzie Deane, and Sophia Kilburn

for pioneering lawyer Helena Normanton. In this they had the support of their prep school at Brighton College and many friends, as well as their parents, and many prominent women lawyers and academics inspired by Helena’s life and achievement. They raised so much money they were able to erect the plaque and also ensure that Helena’s grave at St Wulfran’s Church in Ovingdean was cleaned and restored.

We were delighted to be able to attend the inspiring unveiling ceremony, along with many others including the Mayor Cllr Lizzie Deane. We were also very honoured that the girls, their parents and key donors then decided that funds not used for the Normanton plaque should be donated to the Mary Clarke Statue Appeal. This was extremely generous and we were very grateful. 

Inspired by Mary’s example, our young ambassadors have themselves shown inspirational levels of commitment.

Mary Clarke Statue Appeal