Our Sculptor at Work

Our sculptor Denise Dutton is hard at work on the maquette, doing the delicate work on facial features – a challenging task, given we have so few photographs and many of those we do have are of poor quality.

Denise Dutton at work on the maquette

One of Mary’s most endearing qualities was her lack of egoism and consequent quiet refusal to promote herself. However, this is causing real difficulties for those wishing to commemorate her.

Denise has sent us a photograph of herself with the maquette. She is wearing a headset with magnifying lenses in it to assist the modelling of fine detail.  She says “As you may notice at present she has no hair, or hat, and I’ve removed her arms to enable easier access to model the portrait and skirt.” 

We look forward to seeing more and will keep supporters updated.

Mary Clarke Statue Appeal