The Bronze Maquette is in its Final Stages

Denise Dutton is in the final stages of completing the bronze maquette or model of the proposed statue of Mary Clarke. The finished wax is at the foundry and, COVID-permitting, the completed bronze should be ready by early December, in time for the anniversary of Mary’s birth on 12th December and of her death on Christmas Day.

Finished Wax ready for the Foundry

Our plan is to display the maquette in public places – such as libraries, if that is permitted – so that as many people as possible can see it. Given the value of the bronze, it can only be displayed in secure locations. We want people who have already generously donated to see the design. We are so grateful to them. It is also important for others who may not yet know about the campaign to learn about it and have the opportunity to donate. We also want children to see it and begin to learn about Mary’s life and sacrifice and why she was prepared to give up so much for the struggle for equal rights and democracy.

The sculptor is also completing a resin maquette, which will look like a bronze, but have far less value. This can also be used for fundraising and educational purposes, but can be moved around much more freely.

The challenge now is to secure the £60,000 we need for the final statue. We have raised £13,000 of this sum, but in common with other charities have been hampered by the pandemic. We hope that 2021/2022 will be the year that we raise the funds we need.

Denise has sent us photos of the technically complex final processes of making the maquette which we will publish soon.  

Mary Clarke Statue Appeal