RaiseMary1000 – Writer Peter James Supports Urgent Appeal  

On 7th April, we launched a post-pandemic appeal we are naming  RaiseMary1000, which was inspired by writer Peter James, our newest Patron. We have received many hundreds of smaller donations, but only a few larger ones. Just recently we were

Peter James

grateful to receive two separate donations of £1,000, one of which was from Peter. It occurred to us that if we could identify just thirty five people to do the same, we would meet our target of £35,000. So, with Peter James’ endorsement, we are appealing to our supporters and previous donors, to help us reach our goal by pledging:

  • to donate £1,000, ideally no later than 12 December 2022 (Mary’s birthday) OR
  • to work with others to do so.

However you do it we hope you will register at https://localgiving.org/raisemary1000

Some supporters may be in a position to ‘raise one thousand’ on their own. Others, like our young fundraisers Izzy and Sophia Kilburn (below left), and River Isaac (below) may choose to organise others – friends, family or work colleagues – to raise substantial amounts. Some may be able to identify  a business or firm to act as a corporate donor. We would be grateful for any help supporters can give.

Izzy & Sophia Kilburn

Our sculptor Denise Dutton  is now at work on the statue for Mary Anning in Lyme Regis, which will be unveiled later this year. We hope that, not long after she completes that statue, she  will be able to programme work on the statue of Mary Clarke. Our very ambitious, tentative target for unveiling Mary’s statue is 2nd July 2023, marking the 95th anniversary of the passing of the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928, which gave all women the Vote.

We hope you may be able to help us meet that target – and use the opportunity to raise awareness of Mary’s life and sacrifice, so we need no longer call her “A Woman Hidden from History”. Click ‘History’ on this website to see the report of that title.

How to Donate or Fundraise with Others

If you want to raise money for the RaiseMary1000 as a registered LocalGiving

River Isaac dressed as a suffragette

Fundraiser (which we would recommend if you are raising money from others) please go to: https://localgiving.org/fundraisers. We have a RaiseMary1000 Appeal page https://localgiving.org/raisemary1000 which you can visit, with ideas for fundraising.

Alternatively, if you prefer to collect without registering with LocalGiving, you can do so, giving via the buttons on this website in the usual way, or by BACS or cheque if preferred. However you fundraise,  please keep us updated via the email address below so we can publicise your efforts and supply you with leaflets. If you are able to help – or have any queries – please let us know at jeancalder.mcsa@gmail.com.


Mary Clarke Statue Appeal