Letter about Denise Dutton in the Times

We are pleased to report that , Jean Calder, our Chair of Trustees, writing in her personal capacity, had a letter published in today’s Times (3rd October 2020) in which she suggested that our sculptor Denise Dutton is considered for the commission of the proposed statue of the late Queen Elizabeth.

The letter was written in response to an article by A.N.Wilson who proposed an equestrian statue of the late Queen, but also criticised the quality of some recent royal statues. Jean pointed out that Denise Dutton is an excellent sculptor of both female
figures and horses. Her letter read as follows:

”Dear Sir/Madam,

A.N Wilson proposes (1st October) a statue of the late Queen Elizabeth on horseback and regrets the lack of a sculptor adequate to the task of making it.

May I suggest Denise Dutton, who is a consummate sculptor of female figures and horses. See, for example, her statues of Annie Kenney in Oldham, Mary Anning in Lyme Regis and the Land Girl and Lumber Jill in the National Arboretum – also  the magnificent statue in Thetford of the Maharajah Duleep Singh on horseback.

Ms Dutton has also designed the proposed statue of suffragette Mary Clarke in Brighton.

Yours faithfully, etc.”


Mary Clarke Statue Appeal