“Prison is the only place for self-respecting women.” – Mary Clarke
“[Mary Clarke] hoped that as comets were supposed to synchronise with great events, Halley’s comet this year would accompany emancipation of women” – Mary Clarke, The Great Dome Meeting
“She is the first to die. How many must follow before the men of your Party realise their responsibility.” – Emmeline Pankhurt on her sister Mary Clarke’s death.
“First woman martyr who has gone to death for this cause.” – Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence on Mary Clarke.
“Her they must not mourn in silence. They must take the torch from her and light the darkness of craft and cruelty.” – Isabella McKeown on Mary Clarke.
“Her outward calm nevertheless suggested a reserve of inward force.” – Lady Constance Lytton on Mary Clarke.
Mary Clarke Statue Appeal